Preparedness & Disaster Mgmt

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The assignment and other files are attached below.

The power point presentation is base on the assignment.

Present the signature assignment written for class, following the signature assignment rubric. Please be prepared to discuss your emergency management plan rather than reading in detail off slides. Please limit presentation to 10-15 minutes per person. 

(CLO 1-7; PLO 1-7, ILO 1-7)

· Presentation Example  – PDF  (5 MB)

· Overview of COH 440 Project Elements  – Word Document (121 KB)

· Presentaton Rubric  – Word Document (15 KB)

Group Presentation – Individual Presentation Grading Rubric



Very Good








Subject Knowledge/   Comprehension

Weight 20%

Demonstrates full knowledge of the plan   (more than required) of operational methodology and components.

Is at ease with plan   operation and all components.

Is uncomfortable with information about   the plan.

Does not grasp plan except   in most simplistic terms.

No know-ledge demonstrated

Presentation techniques

Weight 20%

Presentation flows; student   spoke clearly and distinctly all the time, was completely prepared for and   has rehearsed their part of the presentation.

Presentation mostly flows; student   spoke clearly and distinctly most of the time and was relatively prepared for   presentation.

Presentation somewhat flows. Student   spoke clearly and distinctly some of the time. Mispronounced some words. 

Student was somewhat prepared but   rehearsal was lacking.

Presentation was difficult   to follow. Student often mumbled or could not be understood. Student did   not seem at all prepared to present. 

Presentation was unacceptable and   entirely unclear; student was not prepared or not present.

Visual Aids

Weight 20%

Presentation   of plan is professional and visual aids appropriate to the subject matter. 

Slides are   not crowded and formatting is sound.

Presentation   is professional, but visual aids are limited. Slides mostly well-done without   excessive crowding.

Visual aids are neither   geographic, nor subject matter specific.

Presentation is spotty   at best. Slides are not well-formatted.

Poor   presentation with few visual aids.

Presentation is not professional and no   visual aids provided. 

Discussion /   Contribution to in class learning

Weight 20%


attempts to motivate

the group discussion;

presents creative

approaches to topic and able to correctly   answer almost all questions.

Frequently attempts to   direct the discussion and

to present relevant

viewpoints for

consideration by group.

Interacts freely and able to correctly   answer most questions.

Occasionally makes

meaningful attempts to involve group.

Student   could accurately answer a few questions posed about the topic.

Does not make effort to engage   with class.

Student could accurately answer few questions about the topic.

No  contribution. Student   could not accurately answer questions about the topic.

Length of Presentation

Weight 20%

Student   spoke for appropriate amount of time for presentation.

Student spoke a little more or a little less than appropriate   amount allotted for presentation.

Student   spoke a lot more or a lot less than other peers in the group.

Student monopolized the allotted time for the presentation or   spoke hardly at all.

Student conduct was inappropriate for a   presentation or student was missing.


  • PresentationExample.pdf
  • PublicHealthManagementofTerrorisminSanDiego.docx
  • OverviewofCOH440ProjectElements.docx
  • Week4-Presenta
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