General services offered under Medicaid

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I think that Medicaid has had a greater impact compared to Medicare. Medicaid is a government program aimed at supporting low income households by ensuring they can access quality healthcare at low prices. It is funded by both the state and federal levels of government (“1. Introduction: The Medicaid Story,” 2010). It supports these households by covering medical costs associated with medical as well as long term healthcare for individuals that qualify. Medicaid has been identified as the country’s largest public health insurance program. It provides affordable health insurance to people in rural America and to communities that are considered poor.

Due to the fact that this program is funded by two independent bodies, it varied from state to state. Usually, the federal government sets minimum requirements or eligibility standards, amount to be paid as premium and the scope of services available to an individual ((“1. Introduction: The Medicaid Story,” 2010). For one to be eligible for Medicaid, one has to meet strict requirements which are financially based. The entire program has very strict income eligibility requirements which vary from state to state. Klosko (2017) explains that due to this requirement, some of the benefits users of Medicaid get are determined by the financing agreement between both parties.

General services offered under Medicaid include specified inpatient and outpatient services, family planning, nursing facilities and doctors services.

Medicaid is popular among Americans due to the various benefits its users gain from it. However, one should note that there is no single package benefit because the state imposes specific minimum requirements before one is insured (Klosko, 2017). Benefits range from covering preventive healthcare such as immunizations, acute cases for example, where a patient has been hospitalized as well as behavioral conditions such as counselling and psychiatric hospitalization. Non-health services are also covered which include supportive services which are tailor made for people living with disabilities. Disabled patients are given services which allow them to work comfortably in the community which they live.


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