Communication strategies


Communication strategies: To communicate EBP to the hospital board, I would request 5-10 mins of their time on one of their meeting days to present my findings using narratives with message framing. Narrative as a communication strategy helps with better processing of information, increasing persuasiveness of the message being presented “people become transported into a situation that can enhance emotions, attitudes and behaviors”. I will frame my message to emphasize the benefits of my project proposal and highlighting what could be gained or lost based on choices made. (Communication and Dissemination strategies to Facilitate the use of Healthcare-Related Evidence, 2013). However, it is important to keep the story short, simple and precise so as not to bore them or lose their interest with unnecessary details.

For the nursing organization, being a member would be very helpful in gaining access to effective communication of EBP. I could deliver my message via print or internet if not opportuned to present in person. I would make an outline, create a thesis statement with sequential organization of the main ideas, use “proper writing convention (grammer, mechanics, punctuations and spelling)”, and would reference all sources of my information. (Communicating Evidence-Based Practice, 2018).


There are numerous ways of disseminating the results/findings of an evidence-based project.  My topic requires quite a bit of funding so I would choose to present the EBP idea to my hospital board of trustees.  The hospital board is responsible for overseeing decisions to ensure that the hospital’s best interests are considered.  Since they are stakeholders, it is critical that the hospital is doing everything possible to ensure the best possible care resulting in the best possible outcomes- and that is at the heart of EBP changes.  They are also very involved in the financial decision making and since I will need them to assist with finding funds for my project, this is the best place to start to make my case for safety changes.

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