analysis paper 12

The outline which i wrote is down and the topic is talking about Modern Times .

the paper should be 4-5 pages in MLA style.

Here is the guide.

Analysis Paper Help

The goal is to have you analyze a primary source (the two films given) and relate it to what you have learned through lectures and readings. How does your chosen source show specific ideas from 20th century America? You must narrow the focus by creating a thesis which focuses on a particular problem or issue that you want to discuss in your paper. THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. You are not to look up information on the internet and restate what has already been written. The ideas and connections you make between your chosen source and the relevant cultural movements/characteristic themes may NOT be researched, unless directed otherwise, and can only come from your observations, the lectures, class discussions, images from the power points, and the video clips seen in class. Use descriptive examples from the source as evidence for the associations you make.

Helpful information:

Analysis vs. Summary (from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..)

YES! ANALYSIS is examination, evaluation, dissection, interpretation, original opinion, reading between the lines, connecting to other knowledge,

etc. It is the goal of most expository essays. The analyzer starts with a quotation or question and uses it to show his/her understating and interpretation.

NO! SUMMARY is recapitulation, review, retelling a story or scene without original thoughts or interpretations. Summary is not the goal of expository essays. It is usually easier than analysis because it requires less thought. Assume that the reader of your essay knows the story and needs just the slightest reminder.

#Your paper must be more than a simple narration of events; it should attempt to prove or verify an arguable thesis.

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