Analysis of Resistance (essay)

You need to read and watch video’s and analyzing by writing essay from 5 pages.

For this section, we will be studying imagery as it pertains to media and bias, resistance movements, and the realities of racism, discrimination, and African American experience in America.

Your goals these three weeks include:

  • Analyzing and understanding the differences in experience in black communities.
  • Understanding the brutality of racially discriminatory systems.
  • Researching resistance movements and identifying historical resistance efforts as a primary influence of African American art.

think about the complexities of African American experience in America. As you read ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the legacy of slavery and discrimination?
  • What kinds of viewpoints do you think you will find in African American art expression?
  • What is the double consciousness and how does these ideas and understandings of bias cause distress?
  • What is the relationship between resistance and expression in African American communities?

Reference(coon alphabet,.pdf, Du Bois, W.E.B.-The Souls of Black Folk, double conciousness and the veil explained.pdf, Ethics of Living Jim Crow(1).pdf, Excerpt from the Introduction – The New Jim Crow.pdf)


For this week, you will be looking at the relationships between experience and expression in African American art. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the perception of African American expression? Why?
  • What is the difference between unconscious and conscious bias?
  • How do visual images and media add to the complexity of African American artistic expression?
  • What is the significance of resistance?

Reference(, Let America be America again.doc, Rankine_Citizen1 (1) excerpt.pdf,…,

Black Power Mixtapes (1975)

Analysis of Resistance

You will write an analysis that will focus on bias, discriminatory practices, media portrayals, African American entertainment history, protest movements, and forms of resistance.

  • Choose an example that relates to the subject of this course.
  • Summarize the characteristics of the example.
    • If you are writing about discrimination, then ask these questions: How you’re your example reflect discriminatory practices and/or bias? Who is the audience?What is being communicated?How? Why?
    • If you are writing about resistance, then ask these questions: How does your example show attempts at changing bias?What does example hope to gain?Why?What is its historical significance (similarities to resistance efforts in the past)?
  • Relate the characteristics of your examples back to information you have learned from the class (historical, terminology, theory).
  • Conclude your essay with a personal and subjective reflection.Why did you choose this example?What does it mean to you personally?How do you connect (experiences or feelings) to the topic?

Examples you may use for this analysis:

  • Media portrayals that show African Americans in EITHER a negative or positive light.
  • Images of propaganda.
  • Resistance movements, past or present that actively worked to eliminate discrimination.
  • Personal incidents that have happened to you that relate to the ideas we have studied.
  • Practices that hold implicit or explicit bias against certain groups of people.
  • Visual art, photography, or visual media.

Note:You may NOT write about any common or easy to find movement (Martin Luther King, civil rights).Your example should be unique and original.Use first person (the “I” voice) throughout the essay and show connections between ideas.

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