Whitney Houston/ Outline

Biographical Speech Requirements:

1. Prepare a 5-7 minute speech about a famous person. (i.e. singer, artist, politician, actor/actress, world leader, athlete, etc.)

 Use chronological format to discuss the person’s childhood, education, career, accomplishments and what they are doing now or up to the point they died, if they are deceased. You will set up what you plan to say in the Biography Speech Outline Assignment. Your sources must be cited in the bibliography of your outline using MLA format and must be verbally cite where they fit in the body of the speech when you deliver to avoid plagiarizing the research..

2. You may use up to four notecards, fronts only (4×6 size). Using additional notes will result in a 10-point penalty. Because we deliver speeches extemporaneously in this course, you are required to use at least one notecard. Do not try to memorize your speech and do not use pieces of paper to deliver.

3. Use a key-word outline on your notecards. These notecards should be turned in after you deliver the speech in class, or mailed to me with your video-taped speech. Refer to Chapter 3 (pp. 52-53) for a discussion of speaking notes.Also, see my sample notecard. You must use short sentences and phrases on the notecards to help avoid reading directly from the cards.

4. Two sources are required that are NOT from the Internet — such as from books, magazines, or newspapers, or online database articles accessed through the Hinds Library website [lrc.hindscc.edu]. You may use more than two sources if needed, and any additional references may be from any type of source, except avoid using Wikipedia and other encyclopedias.

All sources used in the speech must be cited verbally in the body of your speech and in writing in the bibliography (Works Cited) section of your outline. Instructions for citing sources are located under the module that contains the Biographical Speech Outline assignment and are included as a link in this module, too.

5. The online databases from the link posted within these instructions can be used as sources even though you access them through the Internet because they were originally published in approved sources.

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