what is tate s current online digital initiative

Next, take inventory of the channels that are currently being used by the company and how. Offer a brief background on the company based on the information provided to you in the case study, discuss its unique position, and detail the current online marketing initiatives outlined in the case as they relate to their digital channels.

Finally, do some research online to determine what two similar brands (i.e., competitors) are doing in regard to their online digital marketing initiatives. Compare the competitors’ actions to the Tate’s.

Your 2-to-3 page paper should address the following:

Overview: Provide a brief overview of the Tate and its unique position in the market.

Current Online Marketing Initiatives: What are the main online marketing initiatives of the Tate that are currently in play?


o Which two competitors did you identify, and how are they currently utilizing online marketing channels?

o Compared to the Tate, how are they using online channels similarly? How are they using them differently?

Be sure to reference the case study, your textbook readings, and other course resources—as well as your own outside research—to support your responses.

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