to develop a meme accomplished via the use of powerpoint

see example attached

All support materials will need to be referenced and cited in correct AMA format please

Meme Presentation Design

The presentation will consist of the following requirements:

One PowerPoint slide will contain a meme of your own design and creation

  • Be creative with font styles, colour, pictures, irony, and wit
  • The writing must be easy to read
  • You will base the meme on one of the following topic
  • Hand Hygiene

    On the next PowerPoint slide following the meme you will need to provide the following titled sections:

  • Personal Reflection
  • One complete paragraph explaining why you picked the selected topic. This will be titled Personal Reflection. In this section will reside your passion for the particular subject you have selected. Please make sure you provide enough detailed support for your position.

  • Social Importance
  • One complete paragraph explaining the social importance of the meme. This section will be titled Social Importance. Facts, figures, etc., will need to support your theory on the social significance of the particular subject you have selected. Opinion needs to be supported by facts in this section.

  • Medial Formats
  • One complete paragraph explaining which media formats you will use to disseminate the meme. (please provide only two). Some examples are Reditt, Facebook, and Twitter. This section will be titled Media Format. Please provide the type of media that will best be used to spread your memes message. Stats supporting the media format will need to be provided. This will help determine the strength of your media selection.

  • All support materials will need to be referenced and cited in correct AMA format.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization is required for his section.
  • Please title the document per the example:

    Hand hygiene Meme

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