The History Of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave- Essay 900-1200 words, double spaced

How does Mary Prince use her position as a female slave within this text to convey to her readers information about slavery in general? How does Mary Prince hope to change her readers’ minds?

Your paper should focus entirely on the text of Mary Prince’s autobiographical essay. Do not quote or refer to any external sources, including the introduction or Professor Cox’s lectures. Concentrate entirely on what you can learn about history from reading Mary Prince as a primary source, i.e. a text from a past period of history. Very short quotes are allowed to illustrate a point (followed with a page number in parenthesis), but do not fill up your paper with long quotes from the text.

My professor has warned us to an extreme level that there will be no plagiarism. (When you submit a paper, it should be your own ideas conveyed in your own words. Do not submit a paper that contains material downloaded or copied from the web. Do not paraphrase the ideas of others and submit them as your own. Do not cite material without making it clear that it has been written by someone else. Do not submit a paper that you have written for another course. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense, which will be reported to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The penalties for it range from an F for the written work to an F for the entire course for those with previous offenses.) Online submission will have a verification system.

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