The Great Depression


For the purposes of Essay I, please complete the assigned Chap 23 and the assigned documents on The Great Depression.


First, based on the articles “Reporting the Plight of Depression Families” Martha Gellhorn, (Field Report to Harry Hopkins, 1934)_ “Labor Organizer Describes Latino Plight in America” (Luisa Moreno, Caravans of Sorrow, 1940) p. 625-628, describe what the Great Depression was like for ordinary Americans.

Then, in the second part of your essay, based on 23-2: “President Inspires Depressed Nation with Promise of Action” (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address (1933), explain how Roosevelt tried to address the needs of Americans. Make sure that at some point in this section you explain how this was a different approach than the one that Hoover took (See Chapter 23, especially “Early Responses to the Great Depression”).


An “A” paper will:

  • Answer all parts of the question
  • Provide specific examples to support your description of life during the Great Depression.
  • Adequately identify what Roosevelt’s plan was
  • Include references to three documents listed in the question.
  • The essay will also be based on information from Chapter 23. .
  • Clearly specify which source you are referring to (when referring to a source)
  • Demonstrate your work—not plagiarize.
  • Avoid references to other online sources
  • Be clearly organized.
  • Show evidence of careful proofreading
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