the buying process prospecting and qualifying sales leads


Assume that you are the new sales manager for SNHU Conference Services. The department works closely with the SNHU Culinary School in hosting banquets, conferences, sales meetings, and other events for Manchester-area businesses and nonprofit organizations. All events are held on-site, either within the dining area of the Culinary School or in other SNHU meeting facilities. Your basic task as sales manager is to sell the department’s services and develop a full schedule of business events during the coming year.

Part One:
Buying Process in Organizations

This first portion of your report will examine a unique business buying/selling situation using the eight-step buying process. You need to select the buying company, and the selling company is your department, SNHU Conference Services. Assume it is a new task buying situation.
Identify the following:

  1. The buying company
  2. The selling company
  3. The problem or opportunity
  4. How the seller plans to influence the buyer during each of the eight steps
  5. Who is involved in the purchase decision within the buyer’s “buying center”
  6. What criteria the buyer will use to evaluate sellers (use the text as a guide)
  7. What individual needs must be met of the buying center members (use the text as a guide)
  8. What, if anything, would change if this were a modified or straight rebuy

Part Two:
Prospecting and Qualifying Sales Leads

Respond to the following:

  1. Describe the lead generating and prospecting strategies you will use. Which prospecting sources did you find most useful?
  2. Describe the business characteristics you will use to qualify your prospective leads.
  3. Identify and briefly profile two real companies that you believe represent strong prospects for SNHU Conference Services. Explain why they would make strong prospects.

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper/Case Study Rubric document.

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