Take your pills documentary Essay

Watch or research the documentary “Take Your Pills” directed by Alison Klayman and then do the following:

I’m looking for a short (3 pages or so), thoughtful, well-edited essay that contains the following:

As a place to begin, please start with a brief paragraph or two that summarizes the documentary as thoroughly as possible (in addition to “what happens” this includes background on the creator, dates and platform of release, target audience, critical and social reception, any “real-world” impact, etc.).

I then want you to discuss the documentary in “research paper” terms. An effective documentary functions in many ways like an effective research paper. Please identify and analyze those elements we’ve discussed in class: the significance of title and subtitle; what is the overall “thesis;” what reasons does the film put forth to support/refute/refer to the overall point or “thesis”); what concrete evidence (research material) supports those reasons. Other elements you should address include: tone, beginnings and endings, strength of arguments, audience appeals (to pathos, logos, ethos), reliability of sources (including that of the filmmakers), and other elements you feel crucial to the documentary and its overall point(s).

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