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Unit 5: Finding Forrester Critical Speech

Imagine that the producer of the TV show This Week on Film has asked you to give a review of the film Finding Forrester. As an expert on this film, you will be guiding your audience to better recognize and appreciate its most important features. You will help viewers to experience the film as the director, Gus Van Sant, meant it to be experienced. You have been asked to use the following steps as a guideline for your talk’s content.

The body of your speech will focus on analysis of the film in terms of thematic and cinematic devices (film techniques). You will prepare this by answering the following questions.

  1. Gus Van Sant establishes that courage is important in his film Finding Forrester, but what central idea (theme) regarding the importance of courage does Gus Van Sant develop or reveal in the film?
  2. What film techniques did Gus Van Sant use in order to develop these insights about the importance of courage? Review the notes in Unit 5, Topic 1: Film Techniques and Glossary. Using the techniques listed in Topic 1, identify at least 3 of the film techniques used by Van Sant in Finding Forrester. Describe how each of these techniques have been used in the film AND how they help develop the idea you have indicated in #1 about the importance of courage.
  3. How do Gus Van Sant’s ideas about the importance of courage relate to everyday life situations? Be specific. You can draw upon your personal knowledge and experience to fulfill this requirement for your audience.

Watch the film again, more critically this time. Take viewing notes on all aspects of the film. Remember, you are the expert, and that is why you have been asked to give a review.


  • Write this assignment in the form of a speech. Use the format of a five-paragraph essay to structure your speech (Review Topic 3 of Unit 2).
  • You speech must address all three parts listed above.
  • Start with “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.”
  • Include in your conclusion a thank you to your audience members for their attention.
  • An awareness of your audience is critical in this assignment.
  • Review the Persuasive Writing rubric for this Assignment.
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