soul beliefs worldviews and evolution need by 7 7 11pm

Essay 1

The Four-Horse men and Julian Musolino use head-on attempts to persuade people to change their minds about their beliefs by providing them with science-based evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Many times these attempts do not work. Analyze some of the arguments that proponents of science present to counter beliefs in religion and the soul. Explain why people are not swayed by these scientific arguments and why they may actually backfire. Include discussion of how this relates to school boards deciding to exclude evolution from the classroom. Include information from the following lectures and associated readings: Religions under Attack, The Four Horsemen of Atheism, Terror Management Theory, Anatomy of Internalized Beliefs, After Life & Out of Body, Psychology and Scientific Thinking, The Scopes Trial and the Dover Trial.

In a 3-page double-spaced paper (12 pt, New Times Roman font) (do not add filler to pad the length), write a well-documented (cite readings and lectures) essay that demonstrates in-depth knowledge from the course that bears on the topic of the need to protect and defend certain worldviews and how these relate to fighting evolution. Develop this theme in a logical and cohesive essay with your conclusions indicated at the end of the essay. List the citations of the lectures and readings that you used in crafting your essay.

Grading Rubric

____ 25 pts in-depth analysis of the topic with course information

____ 15 pts Logical & cohesive essay with proper grammar and spelling

____ 5 pts in-text-citations with lecture/reading name and reference page

____ 5 pts Address all of the lecture material indicated in the prompt


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