Small Writing Assignment

Review and reflect on the knowledge you have gained from this course. As discussed throughout this course, written communication is something you do every day. Your ability to successfully communicate determines if you are able to get your message across in the way you intend. Thinking about the intent behind your message will help you be a more effective writer and communicator

Understanding platforms, audience, and purpose are all key components to successful communication.

  • Consider how often you email, text, and post on social media. These are all different platforms for communicating.
  • Through these types of written communications, you interact with a variety of different audiences. Your audience is who you are sending your message to. Most likely you will write a text to a friend differently than an email to your manager.
  • Your purpose for the communication will also impact what you write, how you write it, and what platform you use. Your purpose might be to inform, to educate, to persuade, to entertain, etc.

For this assignment, you will use the Unit 5 Individual Project template to review examples of written communication. You will identify the platform (Twitter, Facebook, Email) and give examples to support your answer, and determine the audience, purpose, and credibility of the communication.

Please upload your completed template to the submission area for the Unit 5 Individual Project.

The following grading criteria will be used to assess your assignment:

Unit 5 Individual Project Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Properly identifies the platforms for each communication.



3-5 sentence rationale for each platform chosen, and provides specific

examples from the communication to support choice.


Identifies audience, purpose, and credibility for each communication.


Uses the Unit 5 Individual Project Template


Demonstrates appropriate use of grammar and spelling.




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