short essay about nationalism regarding pdf and readings

  1. What is a nation and how to define the nationalism according to Ernest Renan and according to Johann Gottlieb Fichte?
  2. What all nationalists believe in?
  3. How does nationalism resemble religious movements?
  4. What is the weakness of the claim that political decisions are determined by the national role conceptions (national culture or national psyche)?
  5. According to modernists and constructionists, how is nation created?
  6. What are the five forms of nationalism, according to C. J. H. Hayes? Describe them briefly.
  7. What is the function of nationalism in the light of “modernization theories?”
  8. What are the “modernization theories” and Daniel Lerner criticized for?
  9. How does Karl Deutch in his communications approach treat the question of nationality and nationalism? What are the weaknesses of Deutch’s stress on the importance of communications mechanism in the process of nation building?
  10. What is Elie Kedourie’s take on nationalism? What are the weaknesses of his view of nationalism?
  11. How do new theorists of nationalism interpret the concept of “culture?” (Hint: think of the phrase “The Cultural Turn.”)
  12. What are some of the weaknesses of the old approach to nationalism in the opinion of new scholars of nationalism?
  13. Describe the Feminist approach to nationalism by referring to Nira Yuval-Davis’s works and Virginia Woolf’s ideas that inspired Yuval-Davis.

Do not use any references, based on the information I provide and write about some of your opinions. You do not have to answer these questions in order, feel free to organize the essay.……

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