Semester project.

In this project, you will need to do multiple tasks

  • 1)On a graph, plot the games that you have bowled week by week and answer the following questions:
    1. Did you scores trend upward or downward? Why do you think that was the case?
    2. Is there another analysis that you can draw from the numbers?
    3. What is your semester average?
  • 2)Answer the following questions
    1. Do you think bowling can be considered a sport? Why?
    2. What do you find most interesting about bowling?

    the bowling scores you need to put on the graph ( 71, 101, 96, 84, 84, 87, 83, 60 )


  • Double Spaced
  • Submitted as a .PDF
  • Name and Class in upper right corner
  • No word requirement, just answer the questions thoroughly and completely
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