Security and Compliance-Related Policy Recommendations

Now, you will combine the growth projection analysis from the initial steps with an analysis of potential applications and workloads to create a list of cloud ready items. You will propose a list of applications and workloads for migration to educate the application and lines-of-business (LOB) owners affected by the cloud deployment and obtain their buy-in for the endeavor prior to implementation. You will also draft an updated service-level agreement (SLA) for these applications/workloads.Review BallotOnline’s application and LOB data to analyze and identify the application/workload tiering/classification for cloud suitability based on the capacity, performance, and availability needs of each application/workload provided. You will also update the acceptable SLAs (RTOs and RPOs) in the cloud infrastructure for the top three business-critical applications identified in Step 1.Before moving on to the next step, where you will consider issues of information security and compliance, discuss your criteria for “cloud readiness,” such as the acceptable latency range, amount of data storage capacity needed, Ethernet-based protocols, application topology, etc. with your BallotOnline colleagues in the Discussion: “Cloud Ready” Applications and Workload Classifications.Cloud ReadyWhen moving to the cloud, the organization must assess the current applications and workloads to determine what will be migrated to the cloud, what apps to redesign, and which applications and workloads to maintain in the legacy system.When an application or workload is considered “cloud ready,” it means it is a good candidate for cloud deployment.Some of the criteria used for this classification include:securitycostperformanceavailability requirementsBallotOnline must also keep its data compliant with regulatory policies and procedures.In this step, consider the relevant information security and compliance issues related to the “cloud ready” application/workloads you have designated and define how they will be addressed in the policy addendum.To make sure you are on the right track, Sophia has asked you for a list of the top information security and compliance-related issues related to the applications/workloads designated for migration and a note on how the policy addendum will address them. Submit your notes to the dropbox below for feedback.

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