response needed

for this assignment respond to the following with 150 words jakob :

I do select the same seat each time I go to my Math Class. The main reason for this is to make it easier for my teacher. It is difficult to remember names and students if they keep changing which seat they sit in, in class. For the second part of this question, I’m not a creature of habit when I park at a shopping center. A big reason for this is, I don’t yet drive, period. I have noticed, however, that my mom does park in the same general area each time for different stores. She has found the best spots that have shade, and are within easy walking distance to the store and are not at the farthest end of the lot. Now for the bed part. I have a smaller bed so it’s difficult to say which side I sleep on. I sleep in the middle. If I move too far to the left, I fall off. If I move too far to the right, I hit the wall. Well, now that this has been answered, I hope everyone finds this an interesting review of my habits and likes.

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