research methods 4 1

  • My assignment has three parts, are separates
  • part one has two questions which answer them from the book:
  • Part one: answer two question in 250 words: you can any two of them choose :


  • According to Creswell and Poth (2018) the intent of a case study is to develop an in-depth understanding of a single case or explore an issue or problem using the case as a specific illustration. How could you incorporate a case study approach into your dissertation? How would you collect data using this approach?
  • Creswell and Poth (2018) identify common features or defining characteristics of case studies. Consider one of the case studies assigned in this week’s readings presented in Merriam’s (2002) text and critique the study within the context of identifying these characteristics. Explain your analysis.
  • In chapter 19, Merriam (2002) indicates that a major research concern is the validity, trustworthiness, or authenticity of the study. As a qualitative researcher, how would you ensure the validity, trustworthiness, or authenticity of your study?


Creswell, J. W., and Poth, C.N. (2018). Qualitative inquiry & research design: Choosing among five approaches (4thed.). Thousand Oaks,

CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

Merriam, S.B. (2002). Qualitative research in practice: Examples of discussion and

analysis. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

  • part two : make two comments on my collegues . your comments should be on research base or from the book what I will uploaded. it is your each comments should be in many sentences.

  • Part three: answer this in 3- to pages:

Both Merriam (Chapter 9—The role of the school in the assimilation of immigrant children)

and Creswell (Appendix F: p.337–Campus response to a student gunman) explore with the

reader the case study approach to qualitative inquiry. Scrutinize either of these readings as

examples of case studies. Write 3-4 pages about what makes either a case study? What

frameworks and methodologies do their authors use? How do they employ the ideas of the

researchers on case study? What is the case—the entity for the study? What is it bounded

by? What type of case study does the author propose? What are their findings or themes?

How do they draw their conclusions?

Reminder: this assignment is an X-ray of the chapters in the Merriam or Creswell texts—it is

NOT meant as a summary of the chapter or as another explanation of the findings of each of

the chapters. Rather it is an analysis of the process used by the authors to demonstrate the

characteristics of writing a case study, and it is precisely those characteristics I am interested

in you analyzing. For example, your assignment may simply answer the questions I have

raised in this assignment, or you may develop your own structure to analyze their structure.

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