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Please reply, comment and offer a suggestion to improve another student’s research ideas for his/her hypothesis question below. 100-word reply.

I will be researching whether undergraduate business students are concerned with their writing abilities post-graduation, and if they would improve them regardless of foreseeable material benefits. Employers are raising concern with the writing abilities of the future workforce, as excessive costs are incurred to retrain employees. Undergraduate business schools understand the dilemma and are looking to improve on curriculums regarding writing assessment and development. Business is an impacted major at Sacramento State, which entails a large community of individuals seeking work in a professional setting. Since written communication is a critical factor in business operations, underdeveloped writing abilities may have a significant impact on future businesses and community. Improvements must be made by the universities but also the students. The goal of my research is gather qualitative data from business students, and see if they find importance their in writing abilities regarding workplace performance. I will also ask if they would commit to improve their writing, regardless of foreseeable material benefit.

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