Read an article and answer the evaluations paper with 7 question

“I ALREADY HAVE AN ARTICLE PICKED” I will send it when select you. A sample of the assignment will be sent as well. to understand more about the requirement

  • Is this a Qualitative (non-numbers-based) or a Quantitative (numbers-based) study? (Hint: Quantitative studies have hypotheses and the findings are listed in statistical charts and graphs. Qualitative studies DO NOT have hypotheses and the findings are usually reported in text form (not numbers).

  • Briefly describe the researcher’s (researchers’) purpose for this study.
  • What are the major hypotheses or research questions of the study (for quantitative studies only)? There may be more than one hypothesis – you only need to list 2 or 3 if that’s the case. Remember that qualitative studies do not have hypothesis(ses)
  • Who were the participants in the study?Briefly describe the demographic characteristics (age, gender, location of study, number of participants involved).
  • What instruments are used to collect and measure data (i.e. test results, surveys, interviews, attendance records, etc.)?
  • What are the findings of the study? (note: here you will need more than a one sentence explanation – this is the “meat” of your paper and you will need to understand what was determined by the results of the research) Remember:you will find information about the findings that you can understand in the “Discussion” section of the study, thus it’s important that you give a good summary of the study IN YOUR OWN WORDS- Not Copied and Pasted. Do not attempt to answer this question by using only information in the Abstract.
  • What suggestions/recommendations/discussion of limitations are made by the researcher(s) in terms of applying the findings of the study to the research topic?

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