read a short story and then answer the 4 questions list in a case study format

Is warehouse cleanliness really next to . . . ? It was 7:45 A.M. and operations manager Tim Brown had just settled back in the chair for his ritual morning coffee and jelly donut when the calm was rudely broken by the intercom’s “Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzzz!” A flashing red light identified the caller as warehouse manager Virgil Ray. An impatient voice on the speaker confirmed the light’s signal: “Tim, I need to see you on the double.” Caught between a nervous system screaming for caffeine and survival instincts screaming, “Good jobs aren’t that easy to find,” Tim opted for survival and, leaving coffee cup and jelly donut side by side on the desk, scrambled out the door. “Put whatever you’ve got scheduled for this morning on temporary hold,” Virgil boomed excitedly as Tim came through the door. “Continental Mutual, our insurance carrier, just called to say that two of their reps will be here later this afternoon to inspect the warehouse. I recognize their names from last year when those same two tore this place apart. I don’t want another report going to the CEO’s office that criticizes the way we store and handle combustibles. Last year’s report was bad enough and my career will be just fine without another one. Got the picture?” Tim hesitated a moment and then said, “The warehouse is in good shape right now but I do have a question about those gas cylinders that the maintenance department brought over here a couple months ago. I think they’re classified as hazardous material. Last month when we sent them back to be recharged, the manufacturer sent us specially-designed and labeled shipping boxes with fitted safety brackets. I don’t have any of those boxes in stock and it will take me at least two days to get some others. If we ship them today, we’ll have to use regular boxes. I seriously doubt that the carrier will accept them if they’re not marked and packaged correctly.” Virgil didn’t hesitate but shot back, “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Don’t get hung up on the details. Use your initiative and get the job done! When the insurance inspectors get here this afternoon, I want a clean, orderly warehouse and no combustibles or hazardous materials in sight to drive up our rates.” Almost as an afterthought, Virgil added, “What the carrier doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” The time was now 8:00 A.M. Tim was seated back at his desk. Confirming the old wives tale that bad things come in threes, his coffee had cooled and his jelly donut was nowhere to be found. This definitely wasn’t the way to start a new day. Taking a sip of lukewarm coffee, Tim scratched his head, and thought to himself, “What am I going to do now?”

Make sure you answer the following questions: 1. Describe the situation and the problem. 2. Now out yourself into Tim’s shoes: In twenty-five words or more, state what are you going to do now? 3. OK, try on Virgil’s shoes and tell me (in twenty-five words or more) how he (you) should have prepared for and/or handled this matter. 4. Now slip into a larger pair of shoes, Big-Jim Peterson’s. Big-Jim is Vice President of Operations and by sheer coincidence just happened to be in the office next door to Virgil’s while he was talking with Tim. Their animated conversation was loud enough that he heard every word. Neither Virgil nor Tim is aware that he (you) overheard their conversation. What, if anything, will you (as Big-Jim) do?

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