Quickmaster (1) 3.6 (5) Chat NUR3045 Module 2 Quiz

Question 1 A patient is interested in learning more about healing. About what types of healing would the nurse suggest the patient focus this study?

Select all that apply.

1. Spiritual
2. Inner
3. Physical
4. Deliverance

Question 2 A patient tells the nurse that she is a member of a religion where birth control is either permitted or up to the choice of the couple. Which religions have this belief regarding the use of birth control?

Select all that apply.

1. Buddhist Church of America
2. Judaism
3. Hinduism
4. Mennonite

Question 3 The family member of a patient with bipolar disorder is sitting quietly in the waiting room praying. To which saint would the family member most likely be praying for help with mental illness?

1. St. Dymphna
2. St. Odilia
3. St. Lucy
4. St. Peregrine

Question 4 For which health problems would physical healing be the most appropriate with which to treat?

1. A disease is present
2. Someone afflicted with a bodily and mental evil
3. Spiritual distress from personal sin
4. An emotional or mental illness

Question 5 A person has an illness of the spirit. What method of treatment will this person receive?

1. Repentance
2. Heal the memory
3. Laying of hands
4. Exorcism

Question 6 A patient is planning to participate in a physical healing session. What activities will occur during this session?

Select all that apply.

1. Laying on hands
2. Speaking in tongues
3. Having blood drawn
4. Releasing muscle tension through massage

Question 7 A patient approaching delivery of her first child tells the nurse that many things need to be done prior to delivery because she will not be permitted activity for 40 days after the birth. The nurse realizes that which countries of national origin practice a 40-day waiting period after the delivery of a baby?

Select all that apply.

1. Bangladesh
2. Cuba
3. Ethiopia
4. Jordan
5. Thailand

Question 8 A patient is planning to see a spiritual healer that practices telotherapy. What is this type of healing?

1. Spiritual HEALING
2. A method that separates the physical from the spiritual
3. The expression of divine intervention
4. The optimal method for HEALING

Question 9 A patient with terminal cancer is planning a trip to Lourdes, France, the site of a revered Roman Catholic shrine. What is the significance of visiting this shrine?

1. The hope for receiving a cure through a miracle
2. The hope being able to live a long life
3. Becoming more prosperous
4. Gaining insight about the cause of disease

Question 10 The family of a terminally ill patient is sitting in the waiting room with their parish priest praying for the patient to receive the grace of a happy death. To which saint is the family most likely addressing their prayers?

1. St. Dymphna
2. St. Odilia
3. St. Lucy
4. St. Peregrine

Question 11 A patient with a severe illness is reading the Bible. Which section of the Bible would help the patient with healing illnesses and suffering?

1. New Testament
2. Genesis
3. Old Testament.
4. Leviticus

Question 12 The nurse overhears a patient ask a family member to bring the Lourdes water to the hospital. The nurse recalls that this water is believed to cure which health problem?

1. Bodily ills
2. Blindness
3. Mental Illness
4. Cancer

Question 13 A patient follows the teachings of Christian Science and will not take any medications, but for which health problem will medications be used by members of this religion?

1. Immunizations to comply with civil law
2. Chemotherapy to treat cancer
3. Antibiotics
4. Narcotics for pain relief

Question 14 An adolescent patient is having a moral conflict because an abortion is desired but it is against the patient’s religion. Which religions forbid or restrict abortions?

Select all that apply.

1. Roman Catholicism
2. Christian Science
3. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
4. Unitarian Church 

Question 15 A family member tells a patient with terminal cancer not to worry since special prayers have been said in church. To which saint is prayed for help with cancer?

1. St. Dymphna
2. St. Odilia
3. St. Lucy
4. St. Peregrine

Question 16 A patient adheres to the teachings of Seventh-day Adventist. What practice is followed by those within this religion?

1. Abstinence from alcohol, coffee, and tea

2. Avoid pork

3. Fasting once a month

4. Follow a vegetarian diet

Question 17 The nurse is reading about ancient forms of healing. Which method focuses on removing evil from the body?

1. Casting blame on another person in the community
2. Drinking special herbal mixtures
3. Eating special foods
4. Punishing the person who had the sickness

Question 18 A female patient tells the nurse that she prayed to one saint to become pregnant, and now that she is, she is going to pray to a different saint to help her through the pregnancy. To which saints is this patient praying?

Select all that apply.

1. St. Anthony of Padua
2. St. Raymond Nonnatus
3. St. Lucy
4. St. John of God 

Question 19 A patient who is Buddhist is wearing white clothes. What does this color symbolize in this religion?

1. Mourning the death of a relative
2. Joy for the birth of an infant
3. Recognition of a religious holiday
4. Celebration of a marriage

Question 20 Which type of healing is most appropriate for a person who is possessed by external evil?

1. Deliverance
2. Physical HEALING
3. Inner HEALING
4. Spiritual HEALING

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