Presentation and essay

Using APA style write roughly 4 pages (1100 to 1300 words essay Compare and Contrast:

Social Impact is a movement in the business world aimed at making profit while benefitting the world (socially or environmentally). Another important aspect of social impact is that consumers are becoming more aware of business ethics and are increasingly putting their money where their morality is. Your task for this assignment is to review public companies’ ethical history and rate them. How bad does a companies’ ethics have to be for you to not purchase their products? How good does a company have to be for you to endorse their products to others? Review two companies, one “good” and one “bad,” and compare and contrast them. Then, persuade your audience to not purchase from the bad company and to purchase from the good company

Please do an essay and a powerpoint presentation,

This essay should be according to the rubric I attached.

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