Powerpoint Week 10

The development and completion of your Practicum Project is a significant milestone in your Master of Science in Nursing program of study. It is now time to share the results of your effort. As you know, there are many traditional formats you can use to share your results, such as presenting at a professional conference or publishing an article in a journal. As a leader with advanced practice knowledge, you may also have the opportunity to present your results virtually. Webinars and virtual workshops are additional methods professionals can use to share knowledge and evidence-based findings. 

As you prepare to share your presentation virtually in this Discussion, think about what you would like to convey about your project to your colleagues in this course and to your practicum Faculty Member. What considerations should you take into account as you prepare to present your Practicum Project findings, conclusions, and recommendations online? What strategies can you use to ensure your presentation clearly articulates your results in the virtual environment? Keep these thoughts in mind as you prepare your final draft of your Practicum Project presentation.

To prepare:

Review the Practicum Project Presentation Overview document, included in the Week 9 Learning Resources, and preview the instructions in this week’s Assignment.

Review the information in the Learning Resources, including the suggestions for creating effective PowerPoint presentations.

Consider the distinctions between delivering a presentation in person, e.g., at a professional conference or at your practicum site, and presenting online. What considerations do you need to take into account as you prepare to share your presentation with your colleagues in this online forum? What steps do you need to take to ensure the information is conveyed clearly and effectively?

Using PowerPoint, complete the final draft of your Practicum Project presentation, (as indicated in the Practicum Project Presentation Overview document and this week’s Assignment). Note that the draft of your PowerPoint presentation posted in this online forum should be complete and polished. While you will have an opportunity to make revisions based on your colleagues’ feedback, the document you share should reflect your best effort to create a thoughtful, clear, and engaging presentation.

Post on or before Day 1 the final draft of your Practicum Project presentation (by attaching your PowerPoint to your post). Explain the distinctions that you took into account as you prepared to share your presentation online.




  • nurs_6600_week09_practicumprojectpresentationoverview.pdf
  • discussion6600_week_9.docx
  • discussionweek26600.docx
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