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Quelly, S. B. (2017). Characteristics Associated with School Nurse Childhood Obesity Prevention Practices. Pediatric Nursing, 43(4). Retrieved from

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Ethical and Economic Policy Challenges in Healthcare

            There is much tension today about policy decisions regarding healthcare due to economic and ethical challenges.  Economically, our nation struggles due to the rising demands of healthcare.  Demands have increased due to the changes in our nation’s demographics as the baby boomers have aged and required more healthcare services (Laureate Education, 2012).  In the article “For Baby Boomers, Health Care Where and When They Want It,” Barr (2014) describes how the baby boomers have much higher expectations than generations before them.  The number of senior citizens, along with the demands of this generation, increases the cost of healthcare.  Also, our requirements as a nation have increased due to significant new technologies (Laureate Education, 2012).  These technologies are welcomed by baby boomers who demand to have vast amounts of information regarding their healthcare (Barr, 2014).

Ethically, the struggle is determining how to supply the care, including new technologies and new treatments, even though it is expensive.  Of course, everyone would agree that we want those who are sick to get the care needed to live a longer, healthier life.  However, with the cost of healthcare, is this feasible?  For example, the Washington Post discusses a new drug, Provenge that costs $93,000 per patient (Stein, 2010, November 8).  Studies show it could extend a prostate cancer patient’s life by about four months (Stein, 2010, November 8).  Some may say this is a lot of money for only four more months of life.  Others may feel a day of life cannot have a price tag.  In the Washington Post, Stein (2010, November 8) mentions that government agencies such as Medicare spending a significant amount of money on a medication that will extend life by four months may prevent our nation from affording other treatments.  In the article, “As Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise, Providers Weigh Care’s Expense and Effect,” Walker (2015) discusses how considering the cost against the benefit of technology would help reduce cost.  Does someone really need to continue getting these expensive serial tests if they remain asymptomatic?  Limiting diagnostic testing to only when it is essential leads to more debate.  The baby boomers and other Americans feel the need to have all information possible (Barr, 2014).  Policymaking to ensure all citizens receive what they believe to be essential healthcare required to live a longer and healthier life remains an ethical and economic challenge.


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