POL 500 4-2 Final Project Milestone Two Literature Review

For this assignment, you will summarize the current literature relevant to the issue you chose in Module Two. A literature review is an analytical essay containing an introduction (including a thesis and a research question), body (where you use research to support your issue and tie the resources back to your research question), and a conclusion. The purpose of a literature review is to summarize and synthesize the ideas of others in regard to your chosen issue. This will construct a solid foundation for your final paper, due in Module Nine.

The Issue I Select Is Prison Overcrowding

Requirements of Submission: The literature review assignment must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations (APA formatting). Page length requirements: 4–5 pages. Assignment must include at least five scholarly sources, which may include the course text.

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