philosophy writing 1 3

All materials are post in the file, for the essay question, need at least one quote from the resources that i post. Careful with the citation, plagiarism is not allowed. At least 3 pages, 2pages for essay part, 1 pages for short answer parts, and don’t forget the extra credit.

The Final Exam consists of three parts:

1. Short answers: You must answer 5 out of 6 short answer questions. Each answer should be 4 – 8 sentences in length and address all aspects of the question. Each question is worth 4 points. They will be graded using the same criteria as the discussion posts (comprehension, accuracy, good writing, clarity, etc.).

2. Essay questions: You must answer 2 out of 3 essay questions. The essays should be 300 – 400 words in length (please do not exceed or go under this amount). Each essay should include a thesis statement and at least one quote from a text (do not quote my lectures). To get full credit on an essay question you must demonstrate a strong comprehension of the text, an accurate understanding of the arguments in the texts, clarity, precision, good writing, and add your own insight to the essay (i.e. do more than repeat my lectures). Each essay is worth 15 points.

3. Extra credit: There will be two extra credit questions on the exam worth 1.25 points each for a total of 2.5 points to be counted toward your exam grade.

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