pamphlet on ebola virus

Attached is the essay and references needed to complete the pamphlet just translate that into making this by following the directions listed below. Also, attached is two example pamphlets.


  • The pamphlet should contain the following:
  • Content and language that targets a lay audience. All terms should be explained and diagrams and graphics should be provided to clarify concepts and ideas.
  • A brief description of the disease, including its symptoms and signs
  • Explanation of the effects of the disease on healthy body function including cellular, tissue, organ and organ system levels
  • Risk factors contributing to the onset of the disease
  • Description of preventive steps to avoid the disease (if avoidable)
  • Available diagnostic and therapeutic tools
  • Outcomes of the disease (such as prognosis or recovery potential)
  • Information about how a person suffering from the disease can maintain a desirable quality of life, minimize or slow the progress of the disease

Format of the pamhlet

  • Single-spaced
  • Tri-fold
  • All content written in your own words
  • Reference citations included in APA format (not part of the tri-fold; should be provided on a separate page)
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