observation group

Based on your observations of your group and information you may retrieved during your visit to observe the meeting of group please answer the following questions using APA Style in no less than 150 words and no more than 250 words for each question. Please reference your definition of each category as provided in: Hofstede, Hofstede and Minkov (2010). Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind; McGraw-Hill, 3rd Ed. ISBN-13: 978-0-07-166418-9

1. How did your group demonstrate weak or strong uncertainty avoidance when conflict arises?

2. How and for which points of conflict did your group use a long term orientation in decision making if at all, and how and for which points of conflict did your group use a  short term orientation, if at all, when developing resolutions to conflict?

3. Which overarching structure did your group seem to follow when addressing conflict, Pyramid, Market, Machine or Family and what criteria did you use to come to that conclusion?

4. What was the most commonly held symbol among members of the group that demonstrated a sense of tribe and cohesion which you concluded kept them able to grow from and not be stymied by points of conflict and how did you make that determination?

5. What was the most important ritual shared by group members which  you concluded kept them focused on both their vision and their mission and not suffer vision or mission creep which  may occur in order to avoid conflict and how did you make that determination?

6. What was the most important guiding hero for the members of the group you garnered either from meeting or your observation of the meeting place, which you concluded kept them moving forward together and not disband because of normal, natural conflict and how did you make that determination?

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