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Forum # 5 Assignment Instructions

For this week you will write a guided imagery script that you feel might be helpful to either the patient population you serve, the nurses you work with, or your friends and family. When you write a script, try to engage the five senses. Openings usually start with relaxing, closing the eyes, and deep breathing. Closings involve bringing the person back slowly to the here and now. I have attached some examples of scripts that I have written. You will then try reading the script to at least one person, it can be anyone, and get their response. 

Here is what to include in this week’s posting:

  • The name of the imagery script

  • What type of person you wrote it for

  • The actual script

  • Who you read it to and what they thought about it.
  • No need for APA this week. Post your to discussion forum #5 by Midnight Wednesday. Post a substantial response to another by Midnight Saturday.

Example: Script for Assignment

By the Fireplace: By Desiree Hensel

Close your eyes and find a comfortable position. Notice how your body is feeling.

Take a long slow breath allowing your belly to rise. As you breathe in, send that breath to the places that feel most tense. Now slowly breathe out. Let your belly gently fall and blow away that tension.

Breathing two more times. Send breath to your tight spots and blow away that tension.

As you continue breathing, imagine gazing at a fireplace. Feel how the warmth of the fire travels down your body; over your neck, across your shoulders, down your chest, and the back of your spine. Let the warmth continue down your arms and legs and out your fingers and toes.

Continue to breathe slowly… smoothly… deeply.

Now watch the flicker of the fire in your mind’s eye and imagine this fire glowing warmly from your heart center. As the fire glows brighter, your heart grows larger and more open.

Breathe in light and love to your heart center and as you breathe out, send love back into the universe. 

Continue watching the fire flicker and notice how the pattern changes. As you gaze at the dances of yellow, orange, red and white light, feel yourself become deeply relaxed.

Now listen to the sounds of the fire. Notice the crackling and popping as well as the softer whispering sounds. Let those sounds quite your mind. Let those sounds replace any thoughts that may distract you.

Keep your breath slow deep and even. Let that breath continue to fuel the fire that is keeping you warm and peaceful. Imagine as you breathe in the fire grows. As you breathe out it calms, but only slightly.

Continue to breathing and begin to enjoy the scents of the fire. Let the fire’s aroma remind you of a joyful time that you shared a fire with family or friends. Remember that feeling of happiness, closeness, and love.  

As you continue to experience the fire notice how it has changed and notice how your body has changed. Let the warmth of the fire to melt away your cares and worries.

Take a few more slow deep breaths and imagine that fire moving through any remaining tension, melting it away. Notice how relaxed you have become.

Now take a few last deep breaths and slowly begin to bring your awareness back to the here and now. Wiggle your fingers and toes or take a stretch. The open your eyes and continue to enjoy this warm relaxed feeling.

A Meditation for Healing: by Desiree Hensel

Come into a comfortable position either seated or lying on your back. Close your eyes.

Begin to focus your intention inward. Scan your mind and body for places that need to be made whole.

Now turn your palms upward so they can receive healing energy.

Take a few slow deep breaths. Listen to the sound of your breath as it travels in and out through your nose. Let that sound quite your mind.

Continue breathing slowly and deeply. As you do, imagine that your breath comes and returns to a gentle warm breeze. That breeze skims your body.

Feel the warm breeze on the top of your cheek,…your  shoulders… your chest…your belly…and  your arms and legs.

Feel the breeze cross your palms. Feel your palms become warmer.  

Notice the gently sounds of the breeze. Let those sounds quite your mind. Let those sounds replace any thoughts that bring you anxiety or pain.

Now imagine that breeze has come from a very special place. This place is ancient and sacred. People have been going there for hundreds of years to experience its healing powers.

Right here and now, you can experience the healing powers of that very special place through your breath. Let that breath connect you to the greater wonders of the universe.

Breathing in…slowly….deeply…fully.  

Once again, scan your mind and body. Look for those places in need of healing.

Now as you breathe in, send that healing breath to the places that need it most. Let the breath penetrate deeply into those spaces.  As you breathe out, let the breath take away what no longer serves you.  

Continue breathing and feel how your body is changing. Notice how your areas of tension, stress, or pain have been released. Notice how peaceful you feel. .

Take a few more deep breaths to seal in the benefits of this practice. Now take a stretch and open your eyes. 

Remembering any time you need healing energy, all you have to do is breathe

The Staircase: Modified by Desiree Hensel

Come into a comfortable position either seated or lying on your back. Close your eyes.

Set an intention that you can and will transform yourself to a calmer more peaceful soul.

Begin to take slow, deep, even breaths both in and out of your nose. Let your belly rise and fall with the breath. Let that sound quite your mind. Know that the quality of your breath is directly linked to the quality of your life.

Now begin to imagine that right now you are standing at the top of a stair case. This is the place you spend most of your daily life. This is the place where every day hassles can mount and sometimes leave you overwhelmed.

At the bottom of the staircase is a more peaceful place. It’s free of those cares and worries…AND it is only ten steps away.

So place your hand on the staircase bannister. Take a deep breath and as you breathe out- take a step down. Notice how as you leave the top of the staircase, you already feel lighter.

Breathing out move down to step nine. Feeling relaxed and peaceful.

Rest briefly on step nine. Then take a deep breath in. As you breathe out, move onto step eight.

Continue down the staircase to step seven. As you travel down each step, you leave behind another layer of cares and worries.

Breathing out, you move to step six. Notice how much lighter you feel.

Pause a moment and move to step five. Feeling calmer… Feeling more peaceful

Continue those slow deep even breaths. And when you are ready move to step four

Just a few steps away from total relaxation, breathe out and step down to step three.  Then move on to step two

Pause on step two and reflex on how far you have come… how much baggage you have left behind. Now move out move to step one.

Now take a breath out and step on the floor, your destination…That wonderful peaceful place.

Continue to breath and enjoy this place and time. Enjoy the feeling of lightness. Enjoy the feeling of peace.

When you are ready, you can open your eyes. Look around and you will see that peaceful place is always within you… and it only a few steps away.

Please make sure you do as instructed, thanks

Module 5: Mind Body Healing

Forum 5

Upon completion of this module the learner will be able to

1. Discuss how the mind influences healing and health (c1),

2. Create an individualized guide imagery intervention (c3, 4)

3. Evaluate the responses to the guided imagery interventions (c7)

Module 5: Readings

  • Readings: Fountain16-23
  • Yoga PPT
  • Bill Moyer Healing and the Mind (Links to an external site.)
  • (optional-but really good!)
  • forum_rubric.docx
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