NSG 6101

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Notably, the learning objectives for the term have been based on nursing research methods with a focus on the ways of carrying out research that is evidence-based and beneficial to the nursing profession. As such, it is vital to review and reflect on what has been covered because through this one can draw on their strengths and realize their weaknesses. Through reflection, any concepts that were not addressed appropriately can be given more emphasis by setting goals to achieve them shortly. My topic has been based on oncology, and all the learning outcomes were met through discussions centered on the subject.


The learning objective of ethics in research was met by reviewing the article on protecting human research participants outlined in the National Institute of Health (NIH). I learned about the requirements for carrying out qualitative research and how participants in a study on oncology should be treated with dignity and respect. In an oncology unit, patients often suffer psychological problems just as much as physical pain is experienced as well. Treating the patient with utmost dignity while alleviating their suffering is critical in ensuring the nurse and patient build a trusting relationship (Ford, 2014). The learning outcome of the problem statement was met by developing a PICOT question with a focus on my population, which was patients with oncology needs. The patient characteristics were explained with two interventions being compared to determine which was best for the care of the patient. I came up with a statement of the problem for my topic on oncology with an emphasis on facts that depict the existence of a problem that needs to be addressed to ensure patients with cancer are cared for using standard practice. The research purpose was indicated by highlighting the vitality of the subject in the society because oncology is fast becoming an area that should be addressed by all, making awareness crucial.

A theoretical and conceptual framework based on the subject was achieved by reviewing previously documented theories on the subject of oncology. In the recent years, there has been a surge of information on cancers and their proposed forms of management because it has become a public health concern. Through the analysis of the theories cited by various authors, I was able to construct a conceptual map narrowing precisely on the subject. I learned many aspects of oncology since it is a widely researched topic with many angles of patient management and treatment options as well. Research design learning outcome was met by identifying a design that was most appropriate with chosen research questions. I was able to identify various strengths and weaknesses of the design and relate to my topic. A research outcome is dependent on the design was chosen because quantitative and qualitative research designs are different and often provide results that could be significantly different. Through reading on the research designs and selecting an appropriate one for my topic, I was able to identify the most suitable design to use on the subject of oncology.

Through the problem statement, I came up with a method to select the sample size and sample characteristics based on the topic. A sampling technique is crucial in determining if, at the end of the research process, the results will be generalized to the entire population. I came up with a research question to help in addressing the research topic with the information on the existing instrument that would be used to address the research question. All the learning outcomes were successfully met through a proper literature review on the topic of oncology and the research of the appropriate research design.

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