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4-When nurse leaders network, new opportunities can arise and present themselves through networking ( The most important advantage of building a professional network is the opportunities it can bring for career advancement ( 

As a nurse, networking and personal affiliations are key components for future advancement opportunities in a nurses career. There are several groups a nurse can affiliate with to network. When a new job is open many nurses who have networked and affiliated with other groups may stand out because one of the hiring managers has met the candidate and interacted with them at a conference as an example. It sometimes is not about what you know when applying for jobs but “who you know”. 

Currently, I network with Riggs ambulance to help coordinate EMS, ED relationships as well as education at Riggs. I am also affiliated with the AMerican Heart Association and I’m a Faculty member for them. As faculty, I assess other instructors and assure CPR disciplines are being taught according to AHA standards. In addition, I have networked in my community by going to schools to teach “Hands Only CPR”. I often go to assemblies and give talks and actuall teach students hands only CPR. I am affiliated with the ENA and CNA as well and plan to become more active after I earn my BSN because I do not have much extra time with work, school and my current affiliations.

Affiliations have helped me already in my career. I have been offered every job I have applied to because many managers are impressed by my community affiliations and my Instructor status as well as Faculty status with the AMerican Heart Association. I am also involved in disater preparedness for the community involving EMS response and ED response and coordinate annual training and drills to ensure our community is properly prepared for disasters. I hope to advance my career in EMS by these networks. After I earn my BSN, I will most likely work part time as a CCT Rn for Riggs in flight and ground transprt as well. Eventually, I want to manage an ED or an Ambulance company or work in  COunty EMS for the community I live in 


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5-Personal networking focuses on your personal development as a nurse leader with contact outside of your work organization (Drake, 2017). There are numerous professional organizations available in the U.S. Examples are American Organization of Nurse Executives and American Nurses Association (ANA). Benefits of belonging to a professional organization include networking i.e. meeting other professionals in the same field (in person at conferences or in online forums). Also, as a member you receive information about new developments within the field, continuing education opportunities, and information about upcoming conferences both nationally and internationally.

Connecting with other nursing leaders, building new relationships, and creating personal affiliations lead to opportunities where nurse managers from different organizations can offer and receive support, share experiences, and commiserate with one another (Drake, 2017). Also, knowing other people in the same field may lead to future career opportunities within your current field or a different area of nursing. “Things change at such a fast pace, whether it’s technology or techniques or nursing practice, that belonging to an association is more of an imperative than an option” (Capella University, 2018). Another benefit relates to the collecting power in the members of an association; membership helps influence policy at the state and federal levels (Capella University, 2018).

According to Williamson (2017), research shows a correlation between professional networking and productivity in the workplace. Focused and frequent communication among peers and other professionals can build knowledge and support within one’s organization, challenge individuals to think more strategically when addressing challenges and seeking solutions, and create new professional opportunities (Williamson, 2017).


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6-A professional affiliation is an organization or group a person belongs to based on involvement in a particular profession. A nurse could become a member of the American Nurses Association, for instance. Affiliations range from paid membership to active involvement in organization activities or leadership roles.  By joining professional organization, it provides unparalleled networking opportunities. Associations are where you encounter the movers and shakers, open career opportunities, and meet professional. Through professional associations, you’ll have access to continuing education, specialty journals, and conferences. These are critical to continuing competency, which in turn can lead to better patient, systems, and personal career outcomes. There is so many organization are available according to specialty e.g. American Nurses Association, National Association of Indian Nurses of America.

Membership in a professional nursing organization provides nurses with continuing education, certification opportunities, role-related competencies and educational conferences. Changes in healthcare occur almost daily. Aligning with a nursing organization that supports your specialty or population of practice positions nurses to be on the forefront of practice changes. Nursing organizations promote and encourage the use of evidence-based practice to its members. Nurses who are certified in their specialty will find that their nursing professional organization will offer continuing education that is pertinent to their practice. (S. Abigail 2015)

The opportunities that can present themselves through networking are limitless. The most important advantage of building a professional network is the opportunities it can bring for career advancement. In addition to helping grow your professional network and making lifelong friends, attending conferences can also give nurses a chance to break away from the stress of their everyday work. (ANA ,2015)


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