need help with short learning activity

Need help with learning activity. Please use class material but also free to use other references to make it easier.

Class material:

Dalkir, K. (2005). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice. Elsevier; Oxford, England

  • Chapter 8 Knowledge Management Tools

Alavi, M. & Leidner, E. (2001), Knowledge management and knowledge management systems: conceptual foundations and research issues. MIS Quarterly, 25(1), 107- 136

Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques Manual

A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Apps

Learning Activity #1

  • Select 5 or more tools and techniques (you can find enough in the 2010 KM Tools and Techniques document) that would complement each other in an organization to ensure a dynamic flow of knowledge from elicitation, capture, storage, sharing, dissemination, utilization,… in other words, the entire knowledge cycle;
  • Explain how each of the tools or techniques you selected contributes to the knowledge flows and to learning;

Be strategic. You can’t do everything. Think about costs, ROI, etc… (speculate if you have to but be clear about your assumptions).

A visual might be helpful. In presentations, I often contrast KM approaches that emphasize collection (knowledge assets/stocks) to KM approaches that emphasize flow and dynamic learning.

Water tank (knowledge stocks) vs. flowing water point (knowledge flows)

Learning Activity #2

To continue your individual reflection and think about how Knowledge Management applies in your life, visit Jane Hart’s Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit for 2018.

  • What tools are you currently using?
  • What tools could you explore in 2018?
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