need help with discussion questions 21

All questions has to be 200 word count with reference. I would like one questions tonight i one tomorrow if possible.

1. Read the Marketing Excellence case study on Southwest Airlines at the end of Ch. 16 in Marketing Management. How will the low-cost airline need to differentiate itself beyond pricing in the future?

2. What are the various responses to a competitor’s price change?

3.When and how should a company initiate a price change?

4. What are the various channels to market and how are they interrelated and how are they different?

5. Why is logistical efficiency important in marketing? How important of a role does technology have in market logistics? What are two to three examples of technology improving market logistics?

6. What are intermediaries and why are they important?

7. What major types of marketing intermediaries occupy this sector?

8. What marketing decisions do marketing intermediaries make?

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