need help with 4 argument questions in 2 hour 1

I can only see the 1st question right now. After i complete the first one then only i will be able to see the 2nd question and after finishing that i will be able to view the 3rd. I need almost a page long argument. So please finish the first one as soon as you can so i can send you the 2,3, and 4th question. I only have 2 hours to finish it.

first question: Using at least 3 points from Chapter 7, answer

Do only human interests matter morally, or is the natural world intrinsically valuable, and why?

Things we studied in chapter 7:

lean Air Act (1970) Clean Air Act, Amendments of 1990 Clean Water Act (1972), cost–benefit analysis ecological economics ecology, ecosystem Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), externality (spillover) free-rider problem future generations incentive approach,moral vegetarians naturalistic ethic pollution permits pricing mechanisms regulatory approach, right to a livable environment tragedy of the commons

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