need 3 page paper on Female Genital Mutilation written in apa with in text citations and cite page

Below is segments from my syllabus that provide instruction on assignment

” For each assignment, please write an essay of at least three pages in length (APA, 6th ed., format, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, for example).Each essay should have a considerable research component using at least three sources, and should not contain only your opinion – if there is not a considerable research-component, your paper is incomplete, and your grade will reflect this.Please provide a works-cited page at the end of your essay (which is not part of the three page minimum).Please use articles (papers) and/or scholarly books in addition to trustworthy online sources “

:The Female Body

“CHOOSE ONE of the topics below to research and write an essay on your findings.If there is no gender analysis, your paper is incomplete, and your grade will reflect this.Within your essay, please mention if male bodies have been treated in similar ways.If so, in which countries and centuries? If not, why not?For each choice, please also consider the following: Do you think things should change for society to evolve in a positive way?How do you think things could possibly change in the future?Be sure to incorporate at least three scholarly sources into your essay.

  • FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION – What is female genital mutilation?Where is it practiced and by whom?How prevalent is this practice, and what is its function?What is its impact on women’s health?”
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