MEMO of Nonverbal Communication

1. 10 Nonverbal Cues That Convey Confidence At Work

2. The Power Of Mindful Nonverbal Communication

3. Nonverbal Cues Get Employees to Open Up—or Shut Down

4. Your Body Language Speaks for You in Meetings

Once you have read all four article about nonverbal communication, please write a MEMO to your professor, in third person, completing the following:

  • Give an overview of what the article is about discussing the key points
  • Discuss why this is important in the workplace
  • Show how these nonverbal tips can help someone become a better nonverbal communicator
  • What kind of connection can be made from Chapter 9 in the textbook, and this article you chose.

This assignment is due by the end of the week, on Monday, November 12th, 11:55pm.

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