M4:Assignment 3: Course Project—First Draft of Complete Essay, Including Conclusion

M4 Assignment 3 Submission

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Assignment 3: Course Project—First Draft of Complete Essay, Including Conclusion

This module, you will submit the entire first draft of your essay. To do this, you will revise the pieces of your essay that you turned in for previous modules and add your conclusion.

In Module 2, you created your thesis statement and developed an introductory paragraph. In Module 3, you developed the main body of your essay. In this assignment, you will add a conclusion for your essay. You will revise your introductory and body paragraphs based on your instructor’s feedback in previous assignments, add your conclusion, and submit your essay as a complete first draft.

Conclusions might answer the question, “So what?” Concluding statements can also synthesize ideas, provoke additional thought, propose a solution, or point to broader implications. When you work on your conclusion, you may find that you brought up ideas you should have put in the body of the paper, or you may have a hard time summing up the many points in your body paragraphs. When working on your conclusion, ask yourself whether any points you make in the conclusion belong earlier in the paper. Are you sticking to your argument? Did you make sure not to add new kinds of arguments in the conclusion?

Write a 6- to 8-sentence conclusion for your essay. In your conclusion, be sure to:

Restate the thesis statement.

Develop concluding statements. Give reasons for your concluding statements.

Review the grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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Revised introduction from M2: Assignment 3

Revised body paragraphs from M3: Assignment 3

A 6- to 8-sentence conclusion paragraph. Revised introduction from M2:

Revised introduction from M2: Assignment 3-Introductory Paragraph

Elon Musk, a business magnate and investor, once said, “If you are trying to create a company, it is like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.”Starting a company is similar to starting a business, and hence as Musk said, the proportion of the ingredients must be right, and more so, all ingredients must be available. The success of business highly depends on the businessperson and the qualities that this person possesses. A person must have the appropriate attributes for the business that they intend to start and run to be successful. There are some qualities of businesspeople that are common to all despite the field that a person has chosen. An ideal businessperson must be willing to take risks, have excellent communication skills, be reliable, possess leadership skills and be ready to take the initiative as these five qualities are the most important in running a business.

Revised body paragraphs from M3: Assignment 3 – Good Business Skills

Many people have started up businesses with a good amount of capital put into it. However, the world over there has been stories of good businesses that have closed shop shortly after their establishment. To succeed one must be good at doing business. An ideal business person must be willing to take risks, have excellent communication skills, and possess leadership skills among other important skills. These form the five basic qualities important in running a successful business.

Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have taken major risks that saw them get to the top in their industry. Apple’s introduction of iPhones involved taking major risks. Some of their innovations became obsolete even before penetrating the market, but that did not stop them from risking introducing other innovations. By taking risk after risk, they have managed to lead the pack in their industry. A strong entrepreneurial spirit is required if one is to be a risk taker (Batzogianni, 2018). There is no way for one to know if their idea will work not unless they try it out.

Proper leadership skills ensure that employees trust you and rely on decisions that you make for the business. A strong and charismatic leader can convince the team members to adopt their decision even if they are not entirely convinced that it’s the best. Being the owner of the business the effort that the teams members will give entirely depend on the leadership provided to them. One must have commanded so that all team players can move in the same direction while at the same time inspire the team to guarantee that they will give their best to the business (Small Business Development Corporation,2018). Whenever there is a difficult task to be accomplished the leader must take the initiative as this will push the team to work harder. Whenever there are changes to be made, a good leader will suggest the change and make the team players embrace and own it other than forcing the change to the team members.

Great ideas can only benefit the business if they are communicated to the business team timely and in a proper manner. Many good ideas that could have helped build the business fail at the implementation stage because of how they are communicated to the team. If a person develops a habit of always giving directives without caring for the opinion of other team members, then their ideas are doomed to fail (Small Business Development Corporation, 2018). Whatever is to be communicated, the recipients of the information must have a mechanism to give feedback and give their input. Customers, employees, potential investors, and suppliers are key stakeholders to any business. Whatever communication that is made to them must be a reflection of the image that the company intends to project (Batzogianni, 2018).At all times communications whether written or verbal must be prompt, clear and done with utmost respect for the recipients. Good communication skills enable one to build a good relationship with other business stakeholders. Through these relationships, one can build networks that bring in new customers and ideas necessary for the growth of the business.

In conclusion, running a business remains a daunting task. There are many parameters within the business environment such as government regulations, taxation, and state of the economy that one cannot have control over yet they ultimately affect one’s profitability. It is hence important that one possesses good business skills such as the ability to be a risk taker, be a good leader and communicator if they are to succeed.

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