lmt1 task 3

Select a program or product that is being developed or has already been developed (e.g., piece of computer software, training manual, self-instructional unit, reading program, new student information system, etc.) to evaluate. You will construct a detailed formative or summative evaluation report throughout the next several tasks.

In this task you will begin by formulating your evaluation plan. You will describe what you will be evaluating and the type of evaluation you will use, and then you will write the questions that will guide your evaluation.

A. Describe the

program or product that you are evaluating. If the program or product is

instructional, include the goal and performance objectives in your


B. Describe the target group of the program or product.

C. Identify the type of planned evaluation as formative or summative.

1. Describe the purpose of the evaluation.

2. Discuss your rationale for choosing this type of evaluation.

D. Write at least
four evaluation questions that will guide your evaluation.

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