Literature Review Reflection

Module 8 Reflection Essay/ Exam on Major Research Project – Literature Review Directions: Open a WORD document, format it following MLA or APA manuscript (heading, pagination, double-spacing), and title it “Reflection Essay – ENGH 302 Literature Review” Complete the two items below. Focus your answers on the Literature Review you submitted in Module 7. For #1, you may number and letter your answers, instead of writing complete paragraphs. For # 2, follow the directions to write paragraphs. ************************************************************************ 1. Copy/paste the following three items from your Literature Review into your “Reflection Essay – ENGH 302 Literature Review” document: A. Your Research Question. B. Three-four sentences from your first paragraph that explained WHAT the issue is, WHY you chose it, and HOW long it has been an issue. C. ONE of your paragraphs that addresses ONE article, by explaining the author’s purpose, how the author attempted to answer your research question, and how this article supports or refutes your other article. Include the citation for this article from your Works Cited or References page. 2. Write three paragraphs (500-700 words, total of all three) regarding your work on this project, answering the questions below. Your goal is to demonstrate some ways your work on this project has prepared you for advanced or scholarly writing in your specific field or profession. You should address specific examples from your project: you may refer to the material you copied in and/or provide summaries or short quotations of your other writing from your Literature Review. A. Describe 2-3 key steps you took as you initially designed your research question/topic [HOW did you identify the issue in your field and decide on your research question]. B. Describe 2-3 key steps you took in drafting and revising to apply scholarly conventions (including use of MLA or APA, graphics) appropriate for your particular field or discipline. C. Explain 1 or 2 ways that your project contributes to a scholarly or professional conversation about your research question/issue. What were some key ideas, arguments, questions, and/or gaps in that conversation that you noticed? What new focus, emphasis, or evidence does your project introduce into the conversation? What additional research or analysis could happen now, and why might it be important for scholars or professionals in your field to continue addressing this issue?

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