intro to gender

Critical Commentaries


Length: 1 page

Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1″ margins, double spaced

Due: Class Periods Assigned

Critical Commentaries will be based on your interaction with the assigned readings. The success of this class depends on everyone doing the reading before class and coming to class prepared to discuss it. Many people read, but never think about what they are reading. In these assignments you will need to keep a detailed response to the readings. These can include key passages, key terms, and information that you deem important. Your Format should follow these guidelines:

  1. You will be required to create a Discussion Question: A question that could be used to stimulate class discussion. These questions could ask other students to discuss a particular point in the reading, to identify key concepts from the reading, to examine the conclusions of one author in light of another’s work, to speculate the implications of a particular argument, or to develop ideas about social action or some way of changing society to make it better. These questions should raise a specific issue from the readings you are interested in discussing or that has puzzled you in some way. Be sure to refer to the readings in your question. (5 pts)
  2. Next, speculate on what an answer to your discussion question might be given the current readings. You are welcome to include a personal reflection given what you’ve learned in the course or your own personal experiences (like a critical reaction paper), but you must refer back to (citing page numbers) the reading(s) for the day. (25 pts)
  3. Finally, list 2 key points, either terms (with definitions) or take home messages that you believe your classmates should understand from the readings.(10 pts)
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