Information Systems. Healthcare

NOTE:  As for all work in this class, the final exam must be original work developed by the student solely for use in this class and must conform to academic policies.


Respond to the following questions with sufficient detail to demonstrate that you understand the material presented in this course.  Together, your responses should total about 2 pages, single-spaced.  Do NOT include any direct quotations, but write everything in your own words.  Remember that your arguments are best supported by credible resources.  The most thorough and complete responses will include supporting data, dates and ideas from sources beyond the course material.  If you include any dates or any concepts from another source you must include an APA in-text citation and a reference page, in APA format, added to your paper.  This exam has a total of 100 points, distributed among the questions as shown below.  The exam counts for 10% of your final grade.  It is to be submitted via your Assignment folder as a Word document (or a document that can be read using Microsoft Word) before the due date/time shown in the class schedule.

  1. Explain how an organization can insure its information systems are designed to enable their strategic outcomes. (20 points)
  1. Select a standard used to share data among different health information systems and explain how it works, tell when it became a standard, and identify the standard’s authorizing body.  Use of at least one resource other than the course materials is required.  (20 points) 
  1. Explain how technology solutions in the health care industry improve the quality of care, safety and financial management decisions. (30 points)
  1. List and define one legal, one ethical and one regulatory policy issue associated with health care and explain how each would be accommodated in a health care information system.   If your answer incudes a standard, regulation or law, you should provide any relevant dates as to when they went into effect.  (30 points)
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