i need to rewrite my resume to make it stand out better

Here are suggestions to make my resume stronger can you please adjust and add anything to make it stand out better. I am graduating July 18 2018 with a business adminstration degree.

·I suggest update your resume to a more standard format. Your resume contains a lot of information that almost reminds me of a federal style resume. You should consider reducing the content of each position and describing your responsibilities for these jobs in succinct statements, broken up with bullet points. The key is to highlight the responsibilities of the job that can market you for the position you are seeking. You should also remove the street address for each employer.

I suggest adding a Professional Summary at top. This tells an employer what unique attributes you possess that will be of value to them, NOT what you are seeking.

·You may also want to create a section titled “Core Qualifications” (place this under the Summary). This section is similar to a Skills section. In this section you can highlight any transferrable (and related) skills you possess. You can also highlight coursework in this section. Another option for coursework is to include it under your current degree.

·You should condense your document to one page. You want your education to stand out more. I suggest listing this above your Work Experience.

·List your job titles for positions clearly at top of the job.

·Use bolding to highlight important things you want to stand out in your resume such as your name section headings, degree names, and job titles. You should remove the bolding from other areas of the document.

·Always make sure to tailor your resume. This means that you should take key words and job requirements from a job posting (such as the one you sent me) and incorporate those into your resume and cover letter. Do not claim to possess skills that you don’t have but use this to help make yourself stand out as a good fit.

·There’s no need to include “references available” at the bottom.

·As for your cover letter, you will want to work on both the format and the content. Please review the attached cover letter packet and revise and resend this to me for feedback.

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