i need to make powerpoint presentation for my paper 1

I already write my paper and I need you to make the presentation as the the following

You must follow the direction 100%

This assignment involves making a Powerpoint presentation of 15-20 slides (not counting the title slide and reference slide-so really your slide range needs to be 17-22).

Use the slides to teach your classmates about your problem: its historical underpinnings and its contemporary existence, what social policies have been promoted to address your problem and which policies have been suggested if not implemented, public perception of your social problem, as well as media depiction.

Make your presentations visually engaging but stimulating-this involves a mix of meaningful images, charts and graphs, and text. I am requiring the following:

1.Must include at least 3 charts/graphs

2. Must include 5 references to source material (your sources used in Blog 2/final paper)

3. Must include 2 relevant hyperlinks-this could be to a video, news story, podcast

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