I chose the population of children under the age of 6 and I chose the Safety by Room checklist

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I just need to 2 responses to the Discussions, and about 100 words for each responses.

1. I chose the population of children under the age of 6 and I chose the Safety by Room checklist. I reviewed my family room, kitchen, and bedrooms; I was able to cross off each area on the check list. The modifications I would need to make would be in my bathrooms, backyard, and in my garage. In my bathrooms I don’ t have any anti-scalding devices on the faucets, locks on the toilet or cabinets, or non-skid rugs. In my garage I would need to install a carbon monoxide detector and in my backyard I would need to install a lock on my hot tub. Currently I do not have any children of my own so this isn’t a large concern of mine as there aren’t young children that live with me. I do have younger brothers that are under 10 years old so there are a few changes I would want to modify as they do come visit occasionally.

2. What is the role of Cal-Osha?  The role of Cal-OSHA is to set health and safety standards, enforce those standards, and provide education and outreach, certifications and licensing for all workers in the state of California.   As part of enforcing the standards, they are responsible to respond to complaints of unsafe practices and they cite and fine organizations based on the set standards.  They maintain and provide some general safety guidelines that apply to all places of employment in California along with some guidelines for specific types of industry such as the the agriculture or film industries.  Additionally, they also regulate the safety of those riding in public conveyances; such as elevators, trams, or amusement park rides.

    I selected a citation issued to Butler Amusements Inc. that operated rides for the Big Fresno Fair in Fresno, California in OCT 2013.  They were cited on 3 violations relating to the same thing, which was basically unsafe operation of 2 rids and “failure to maintain equipment according to manufacturers” guidelines.  These violations were considered”Serious Willful” violations because the owners knowingly removed or left off some parts that maintained stability of the rides. Their overall fine was $101,250.00 and it seems they fixed the issues. I am uncertain if that was a significant fine because the citation did not mention if there were any injuries or fatalities as a result of the violation. 

Throughout the year, and with California weather being so nice, one can encounter a number of these fairs popping up in most cities in California and all having some form of ride or another.  Many people flock to these fairs, which seem to be reminiscent of decades-past travelling circus, and reviewing this citation brings to mind something that I previously did not truly consider.  Although most people are aware that these events/fairs need to register and have permits for for holding their events, I for one don’t think that one would readily consider if the rides are being inspected or held to any major safety standard.  We all know that we want them to be fun and safe, and if something does go wrong with a ride, we would likely sue or complain to management. But to think that it would be a requirement to answer to the State’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration would not be something I would consider, until now.   Considering how many people these fairs attract, the money that is spent there (especially if you have children), and the potential for injury or harm, perhaps it would be good to ensure the public is aware and able to confirm/verify that at least the minimum safety standards are being followed and met, before we place our lives, or lives of our family members/friends in the hands of the fair operators.


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