humanities prehistory to 16th century 3

Answer the 10 questions, if you would like to use my e-textbook. Ask me for the login to my chegg account. Chapters 10 & 12.

  • Describe what Anglo-Saxon art and literature tell us about Angle-Saxon culture.
  • Discuss Charlemagne’s impact on medieval culture and the legacy of his rule.
  • Define the Romanesque and its relation to both pilgrimage churches and the Clunaic abbey.
  • Discuss the changes in the Christian church from the late Roman basilica plan to the Romanesque style and finally, the Gothic style. How did pilgrimages aid in some of the architectural changes?
  • Examine the motivations for the Crusades and appraise their outcome.
  • Explain the courtly love tradition as it manifests itself in the literature of the period.
  • Explain the symbolism inherent in a Gothic cathedral, citing as examples specific cathedrals in your response.
  • Explain why the University of Paris was preeminent among medieval institutions of higher learning.
  • Define the Radiant style.
  • Describe how the Gothic style manifested itself in Italy.
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