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Note: Each response (1-7) should be 3 sentences in length.

Question 1.) Use the social science perspective to propose a few explanations as to why you might find graffiti in a society. Choose a social science principle (norms, roles, institutions, and beliefs and values) and describe how these might influence the appearance of graffiti in a society. Describe how the appearance of graffiti in a society might influence the people living there?

Question 2.) Channel your thought process before taking this course, and before adopting a social science perspective. Through what type of lens would you have viewed graffiti before taking this course? How would this have influenced how you thought about graffiti? How do these two reactions compare? Has your understanding of social science principles changed the way you perceive graffiti in society? If so, how? If your perspective on a different issue (other than graffiti) has changed after adopting the social science perspective, feel free to write about this issue instead!

Question 3.) a. Who is the audience of Claudia’s presentation? How do you know?

b. Why does Claudia think the audience should care?

c. What parts of her presentation are impactful? In other words, what parts of the presentation would really convince the audience that they should care?

Question 4.) Identify places in Claudia’s presentation that you think should be accompanied by visuals? For each place you identify, indicate what kind of information you think she should include on the slide. For example, you may think personal images are appropriate in some places, or that graphs or charts representing data may be helpful in others.

Question 5.) Choose the remaining 3 places in your own presentation where you will incorporate visuals. Briefly note where you will include these visuals, and describe what will appear on the slides?

Question 6.) Identify at least three adjustments that you will make to improve your presentation?

Question 7.) Identify opportunities that you have to speak in public and practice these presentation skills, even if not giving a formal presentation. How will using these tips help you communicate your message?

Question 8 needs to 1 paragraph

Question 8.) Do you think graffiti could be considered a form of art therapy? Why or why not? Create a paragraph-(1) that addresses this question. Respond from a particular social scientific perspective (psychological, sociological, or anthropological). In your paragraph, be sure to state the perspective you have chosen.

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