guided response 11

Can you elaborate on differences in personality/temperament as related to siblings? What are environmental factors that can impact certain personality traits.?

I mention a lot about inadequate bonding, attachments to parents and neglect. Personally, why I mention these things is because I have been a victim of bad parenting and lack of bondage between my parents. I didn’t have the best parents and now I have grown up to be very emotionally unstable. It’s a shame the kinds of outcomes and things people have to go through, even after they leave their parents to move on with their lives. Many end up feeling “sad, ashamed and guilty” which later leads to many relationship failures and missed opportunities (Prather & Golden, 2009). In your mind, what is the best solution to this kind of trauma? Intensive therapy sessions? Interventions? Intermittently applied sessions with family? (Read the below article for some ideas, it talks about different methods of treatment.)


Prather, W., & Golden, J. A. (2009). A Behavioral Perspective of Childhood Trauma and Attachment Issues: Toward Alternative Treatment Approaches for Children with a History of Abuse. International Journal Of Behavioral Consultation And Therapy, 5(1), 56-74.

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